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Native American Jewelry

2006-05-18 10:37:44 - By Deb Vallet

Although skilled silversmiths can come from any tribe, the jewelry offerings of Coyote Trading Co. come primarily from the main jewelry-making tribes of the Southwest: the Hopi, Zuni, Santa Domingo, and Navajo. During several trips to Arizona and New Mexico each year, we utilize our 16 years of buying experience to hand-pick the jewelry we bring back to Atlanta.

We look for the best quality work in every price range, for interesting, new contemporary designs, and for turquoise with unusual color or matrices. We also look for older (or "pawn") Indian jewelry.

We deal directly with the artist or with dealers known for their integrity and fairness. Many families and tribes have been hurt by an influx of foreign-made imitations of Indian jewelry that are misrepresented by ignorant or unscrupulous dealers as "genuine Indian handmade." As a member of the IACA (Indian Arts and Crafts Association), we are pledged to honestly represent the articles we sell. If you buy an "Indian handmade" piece from Coyote Trading Co., you can be sure it's the "real thing."

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