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Little 5 Points is Atlanta's bohemian neighborhood, known for its tolerance and diversity. Five minutes from downtown Atlanta and two blocks from the Carter Presidential Center, L5P is rich in history.

The scene of major engagements during the Battle of Atlanta, it came into life as a commercial center because of its location next to Atlanta's first suburb, Inman Park (est. 1898). Now the location of some of the finest examples of restored, 100 year-old homes, the area around L5P, in the '60's, was in considerable decline. In the 70's, its low rents and property values made it attractive to entrepreneurs and folks looking to build alternative institutions. Today, five of those pioneers are still around--Bond, a neighborhood credit union; Sevanandah, a community-owned health food store; Charis, an independent, feminist bookstore; Wax 'n Fax, an independent vinyl and CD dealer; and WRFG, an independent radio station.

L5P now has a lively music scene; a youth culture emporium; vinyl and CD-deal dealers; independent bookstores; cutting-edge clothing and shoe stores; several of the city's best tattoo and piercing parlors; and a wonderful array of restaurants. Almost every business is a "mom and pop" operation.

We're proud to be part of this eclectic mix of independents--an alternative to the corporate "mall-ing" of America. Come visit us!"

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